A solution for HATOR Gaming keyboards with ghost’s buttons actions.

With this article we want to appeal to all customers who have purchased a HATOR Gaming keyboards with Optical switchers and faced with ghost’s buttons actions. This problem doesn’t have a mass character and only a tiny percentage of keyboards with Optical switchers like Rockfall TKL and Earthquake models have it. Our R&D department studied this problem’s root very carefully from the first negative feedbacks (many thanks for all customers who have sent their precise and clear feedbacks, comments, statistics and observations) and from today 5th of March we can say that this problem was solved and all our authorized services have everything they need to solve this problem without the device exchanging. Every customer was able to receive a new device or 100% moneyback after appeal with this problem before today but due to the fact this trouble wasn’t a mass and the defect may appear after some time and not immediately it was unable to check every keyboard out before the sellout also our services were unable to guarantee that this will not happen again after the keyboard’s exchanging. The root of this problem is a defected in the component from one of our suppliers. In February 2019 we’ve received a brand new PCB’s which were carefully checked and stress tested in our laboratories to meet the high quality and standards. All keyboards have improved PCBs at the date 5th of March at all authorized partners also all new keyboards will be shipped with new type PCBs. If you’ve purchased the Rockfall TKL or Earthquake model before the date 3th of March 2019 and faced with the similar problem we are ready to solve this annoying mistake ASAP through our service bypassing the place where this device was bought, you don’t need to wait “weeks” to receive your fully workable device back. Also, all logistics fees will be covered in both ways. Please pay your attention that only a tiny part of the first keyboards wave has this problem and needs improvements, so if you haven’t faced this problem during the first week, just enjoy your keyboard. If you faced this problem please mail us through the official website support form attach payments documents and/or warranty document and your personal data (First and Second names, mobile phone number and your city). Our support staff will advise you the best way to pass us your device. After all improvements and tests, your device will be sent to you for free. We are very sorry about this situation. After this case, we will force our QC and hope this step can help us to avoid similar situations and to protect our customers in future. Also, we want to say “Thank you” to all customers for your understanding and support.