Contest for HATOR NFT ticket holders

Contest for HATOR NFT ticket holders

09 day.  10 : 37 : 36

Dear Hatorians!

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new competition related to our NFT collection.

The drop will starts 09/01/21 at 19:50 GMT +3. After opening the pack you can get 1 of 3 tickets: bronze, silver and gold. Each of them gives a certain amount of treasure points, which directly affects the chance of winning. The more treasure points – the greater chance to win the device!

Everyone is wondering how many packs will there be and what is the chance to get a golden ticket?

There will be 500 packs in total:

  • 350 packs – open sale
  • 50 packs – sale for Hatorian’s
  • 100 packs – exchange for First Hator NFT (1 FHN = 2 Hator Treasure Pack)

Ticket drop chance:

  • 70% Bronze ticket (1 treasure point)
  • 25% Silver Ticket (3 treasure points)
  • 5% Gold Ticket (5 treasure points)

Prize fund:

*Devices can be delivered free of charge worldwide.

A link from Whitelist will be in our Discord.