Hator x navi

Introducing the line of gaming surfaces designed by the Natus Vincere team.
The Ukrainian team Na’Vi is one of the most popular and successful e-sports organizations in Eastern Europe. Over their ten-year history Na’Vi squads in different disciplines have achieved and continue to achieve high-profile victories in tournaments of the highest level. In particular, Na’Vi’s Dota 2 team went down in history as the first winner of The International.
Get your piece of team glory!


Fresh meat

A tribute to one of the most popular eSports players.
Dendi is a true Dota 2 icon, the ingenious Mid and the greatest Pudge of all time.



Eternally relevant classic for all born to win!


Out of Spasce

Dive into the eSports universe!


It’s nice
to be S1mple

To take a good aim!