Set of switches Optical Kailh

Additional Kailh Optical switchers set will allow to customize your keyboard easily. Mix different switcher’s types in different keyboard’s zones to get even more comfy and effective gear for work or gaming.

You need a little time and a special tool, which is includes in box in every HATOR Rockfall TKL, HATOR Rockfall EVO, HATOR Rockfall EVO TKL, HATOR Earthquake, only to change the switchers.


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Number of switches included: 10
Operating Life: 80M Cycles
Operating Force Kailh Red: 40g «+/-»10%
Operating Force Kailh Black: 45g «+/-»10%
Operating Force Kailh Blue: 55g «+/-»10%
Delay Response: 0.2ms
Pre Travel: 1.8 «+/-» 0,6 mm
Total Travel: 3.6 «+/-» 0.6 mm