Gaming Chairs

Armchair – an integral part of your working or home ecosystem. Wherever you spend many hours at a computer – in the office or at home, it’s very important to have an ergonomicly correct armchair that will help maintain your health and simply create a feeling of constant comfort. This is the main task that the Hator chairs are called upon to solve.

A wide model’s and color’s range will be an additional advantage for you, this will help to choose not only the right fitted model by your size but also take into account the requirements of your interior.


Arc S

This is what modern luxury looks like. In this chair you don’t want to rush, its ergonomic shape envelops that disposes to a feeling of comfort and reliability



It’s a great example of the exceptional comfort’s and great quality’s symbyosis



The perfect solution for home and office


HyperSport V2

Bright and extraordinary design will emphasize your personality


Sport Essential

This chair is the result of our work for everything you may need for comfort gaming


Emotion Light

This chair is designed to bring you a pleasant emotions. The design, ergonomics, quality of materials and assembly of Emotion Light are in perfect balance.


Sport Light

Hator Sport Light is your pass to the World of comfy gaming



A real icon of style and ergonomics