Skyfall hex

Hator Skyfall hex

Skyfall HEX is made in trendy form of 65%. Compact size and wireless mode gives you a tons of different scenarios and universality of usage.


A wireless mode comfort or wired mode super trustworthiness and maxi fast click responses? Now everything is up to you!

In wireless mode our keyboard works with Bluetooth 5.0 This is one of the latest Bluetooth versions which provides higher speed, more stable connection and maximum energy saving

Basic mechanical switchers Gateron Clear are extremely light and liner but you can easily change or mix them with other switchers styles thanks to hot swap function.

A PBT keycaps provide extra durability and delivery nice touch while using the keyboard.

An industry and market trend USB Type-C is for charging or wired mode usage.

The bright RGB backlight will make to shine Skyfall HEX like a real star at any gaming setup. Tons of backlight effects which you can to control directly on the device.

An inbuilt keyboard’s memory is giving to you power to write, to save, and to use different settings without the software.

Backlight effects

Select one of the backlight effects:



Keyboard hator
Lenght: 335 mm
Width: 110 mm
Height: 36 mm
Weight: 660 g
Cable Lenth: 1800 mm

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Number of Keys: 68
Type of Connection: Bluetooth + USB
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
Backlight: RBG 16.8M Colors
Usage time: up to 10 hours at Bluetooth mode
Standby: up to 2 months
Operation distance at Bluetooth mode: 10 m
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh, Li-ion
Tilt Stand Adjustment: 2 levels
Type of Switches: Mechanical Gateron Clear
Operating Life: 50M Cycles
Operating Force: 35g «+/-»5%
Pre Travel: 2 mm
Total Travel: 4 mm
Keycaps: PBT Double Shot
Enagraving: English
Hardware System Compatibility: Windows XP/2000/ME/Vista/7/10, Linux and Mac OS
Software System Compatibility: Windows 7/10
Package Сontents: HATOR Skyfall hex Keyboard, Manual, Cable, Keycap Remover Tool, Switch Remover Tool