Hator NFT. What is it and how to use it.

NFT – A Non-Fungible Token (NFT), also a unique token, is – a type of cryptographic token. Their design means they can’t be exchanged for each other, and by extension represent a unique space on the blockchain. In short, no one can tamper with your NFT.

All Hator NFTs are hosted on the EOS (WAX) blockchain. Official Hator Collection – HATORGGCARDS.

Most of the Hator NFTs will be tied to specific actions or exchanges. They will have physical value.

How to create a WAX wallet

  • Go to the WAX ​​website WAX
  • 1st option – we register through one of the services
    WAX social
  • 2nd option – enter e-mail + password, solve the captcha and click Sign UP
    WAX login

How to top up WAX

*The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 WAX. 1.5 WAX Commission

How to find out your WAX nickname (identifier)

  • Login to your WAX ​​wallet
  • In the right corner of the web version of the site there will be your XXXXXX.WAM format identifier

How to change device NFT to a real device?

In order to exchange an NFT device for a real device, you need to:

Use a bot in Telegram

If you have an engraved device, the bot will ask for a picture (you can also write text and save it as .png). The picture should be sent ONLY as a FILE.