Hator NFT. What is it and how to use it.

NFT – Non-fungible token (NFT), also a unique token – a type of cryptographic tokens, each instance of which is unique (specific) and cannot be exchanged or replaced with another similar token. In other words, no one can tamper with your NFT.

All Hator NFTs are hosted on the EOS (WAX) blockchain. Official Hator Collection – HATORGGCARDS.

Most of Hator NFTs will be tied to specific actions or exchanges. They will have physical value.

How to create a WAX wallet

  • Go to the WAX ​​website WAX
  • 1st option – we register through one of the services
    WAX social
  • 2nd option – enter e-mail + password, solve the captcha and click Sign UP
    WAX login

How to top up WAX

*The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 WAX. 1.5 WAX Commission

How to find out your WAX nickname (identifier)

  • Login to the WAX ​​wallet
  • In the right corner of the web version of the site there will be your XXXXXX.WAM format identifier

How to change device NFT to the real device?

In order to exchange an NFT device for a real device, you need to:

Use a bot in Telegram

If you have an engraved device, the bot will ask for a picture (you can also write text and save it as .png). The picture should be sent ONLY as a FILE.